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Anna Lychagina
Global Talent Acquisition & Human Capital Strategy

Anna is responsible for global talent acquisition and HR services design and delivery at Quantori, the company transforming life sciences and healthcare through the power of intelligent IT solutions.

She brings to Quantori over 15 years of HR leadership excellence, having served in both management and consulting roles at international software leaders including Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and Grid Dynamics.

Certified in professional training and coaching, Anna has developed innovative HR infrastructures and headed training and development operations worldwide, including those in emerging markets. She is recognized for heading up transformational projects and designing leadership curriculums and communication frameworks, all which advance an organization’s development.

Anna holds a specialist degree in International Industrial Management from the Baltic State Technical University — Voenmeh and received additional degrees in Practical Psychology and in Human Resources. Anna is dedicated to providing an organization’s top talent with continuous learning and growth opportunities and is passionate about agility, creativity, and organizational meaning-making.