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As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, Quantori has developed numerous IT projects in life sciences, healthcare, and data sciences that leverage AWS technologies and more than 20 years of deep domain expertise.

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, Quantori has developed numerous IT projects in life sciences, healthcare, and data science, leveraging AWS technologies and more than 20 years of our deep domain expertise.

20+ AWS Certifications

Quantori is partnering with AWS and is continually increasing its team of AWS-certified engineers. We have special expertise in working with life science and healthcare companies, and our domain expertise and scientific background allow us to deploy AWS services for those companies in innovative and cost-effective ways.

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Cloud Consulting Services

Quantori helps biotech and pharma companies take science from laboratories to market, offering a complete set of consulting services. We have a large team of AWS-certified DevOps engineers, developers, and architects, bioinformaticians, data scientists, AI / Machine Learning, deep learning, and BI engineers.

Quantori knows most bottlenecks within Life Science and Big Data projects. That's why we tailor our solutions and harness applied practices, computer accelerators, and lean principles. We implement the most complex and large-scale discovery computations, including High-Performance Computing (HPC). We make sure our customers employ innovative technologies in their research and delivery securely and effectively.

We offer Cloud Consulting services to build custom solutions. One of these services specifically focuses on API Gateway and we offer the full range of service offerings that include developing, maintaining, and publishing APIs. We also do deployment, monitoring, traffic management, and implement access control and authorization. Our services include the performance of tasks for processing concurrent API calls. All our Cloud Services always use AWS and industry best practices.

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  • We approached Quantori to help us handle our big data problem of generating terabytes of CryoEM data every month. Our need was a computing infrastructure with expandable high speed storage capable of distilling our CryoEM datasets into high-resolution protein structures.

    After a brief discussion to understand our needs, Quantori presented us with a solution closely mirroring a previously implemented solution that they did with another client. In brief, this solution was a virtual GPU/CPU hybrid cluster with a multi-tiered storage (Lustre/EFS/S3). Once the contract was signed, Quantori implemented an initial system to test within about two weeks.

    We are very pleased with the results using Quantori's solution. Being able to process multiple CryoEM datasets in parallel makes handling our constant influx of data possible. We are no longer limited computationally, but as it should be in biochemistry.

    Whenever we run into an issue or have additional features that we would like to be added, the people at Quantori have been great, and I often get a response from Quantori, if not a solution, in about a day. Overall I recommend Quantori for their knowledgeable, professional staff capable of providing solutions cost-effectively and efficiently.

    Bharat Reddy

    Bharat Reddy

    Senior Scientist

    Rectify Pharmaceuticals

  • Third Rock Ventures (TRV) conceives, builds, and launches biotechnology companies that discover and develop products that make a difference for patients and their families. Each company has a core mission of improving lives through innovative science. While the technology at each company is distinct, many of the data science tools and infrastructure are similar. To give our portfolio companies cutting-edge capabilities, we started a strategic initiative “TRV Orca”, which has a mandate of democratizing data science infrastructure and enabling the faster deployment of computational tools.

    TRV Orca collaborated with Quantori to build core data science infrastructure. This core infrastructure integrated notebooking with diverse HPC toolsets, including cloud-native on-demand Dask, SLURM, Spark, data storage mechanisms, and related primitives. We next collaborated on tools that could be rapidly deployed using the core data science infrastructure as a common baseline. We are now expanding to additional primitives and toolsets in computational chemistry/biology and informatics.

    Throughout the build process, Quantori has brought a combination of life sciences domain knowledge, AWS cloud engineering skills, and HPC expertise. These technologies enable our portfolio companies to leverage data-driven and machine learning approaches for discovery science and use them for engineering therapeutics and improving patient lives.

    Aaron Arvey

    Aaron Arvey

    Director, Machine Learning

    Orca, Third Rock Ventures

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