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April 27, 2022

Quantori Establishes Registry Science Practice for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Heidi Creighton
Heidi Creighton
Head of Communications

Medical Registries Translate Research into Actionable Insights to Empower Patient Care

Quantori, a leading global provider of data science and digital IT services for biopharma and healthcare, today announced the launch of a Registry Science Practice, the first of its kind in the U.S., focusing on the creation of registry programs for patients, clinicians, and researchers. Registry Science is the reemerging area of medical informatics and biostatistics that intersects with medicine and epidemiology to track long-term health outcomes and enhance evidence-based care delivery.

“Registry Science has come of age, with the COVID  — 19 pandemic serving as a catalyst,” said Richard Golob, CEO, Quantori. “We are thrilled to support the increasing demand for medical registries by leveraging our data engineering and data analytics expertise to help facilitate the discovery of new insights that will power the future of precision medicine.”

Under the direction of Steven Labkoff, a world-renowned clinician-informatician and fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI), Quantori’s Registry Science Practice will serve healthcare and research organizations by constructing and managing registries that provide long-term data collection and analytics capabilities not generally possible with unimodal data sets, such as EHRs alone. The Registry Science Practice will enable clinicians and researchers to make the most informed healthcare decisions through data-driven evidence only possible when they are looking across more than one dataset.

“Any healthcare, biopharma, or government organization that needs to track longitudinal data integrated from multiple sources will benefit from the highly curated nature of data generated by a multimodal registry,” said Steven Labkoff, MD, Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, Quantori. “Data is a powerful tool to better understand complex disease. Fortunately, at Quantori, we have expertise in architecting best-in-class registries with the capability to create and sustain the infrastructure needed to support them and create novel insights through our sister data analytics practice.”

Quantori serves a wide range of clients that benefit from the creation of high-quality, focused data assets that integrate multimodal data such as genomic sequencing and other omics data and electronic patient records. These organizations include pharmaceutical companies, basic research institutions, rare and orphan disease foundations, patient advocacy organizations, healthcare providers, government agencies, and medical device manufacturers.

“Registries hold huge potential for clinical trials, evaluating patient outcomes, advancing epidemiological research, and enhancing drug and device safety,” Dr. Labkoff explained. “With the launch of our new practice, Quantori will help leading healthcare organizations, nonprofit patient advocacy organizations, and research foundations to close the gap between clinical research and clinical care.”

Dr. Labkoff will deliver a presentation at the upcoming Bio-IT World Conference entitled “Registry Science: Translating Research into Insights to Transform Patient Care” on Wednesday, May 4, at 4:10 pm EDT. For more information, email contact@quantori.com and visit the Quantori website at quantori.com.

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