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Developing Key Talent
at Quantori Academy

Professional development and continuing education are key
tenets of the Quantori culture. With a strong staff of life
science and healthcare experts, we provide learning
opportunities for both current and prospective employees
through our Quantori Academy program.

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Quantori Employees

Fostering new skills and
increasing employee expertise

We host seminars, workshops, and conferences for current employees to help them develop new skills and knowledge. This increased competency also helps to increase employee retention and ensures that the Quantori team is composed of top-tier professionals in their field.

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Providing a competitive edge
for job seekers

We partner with local universities to provide academic programs and rigorous training for students in related fields of studies like DevOps, quality assurance, and engineering.

These programs are determined based on market needs and leading-edge technologies. Graduates of the program may be eligible for job opportunities within Quantori, or other related institutions.

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Interested in working
at Quantori?

Our primary goal is to nurture
and retain top talent in data science
and engineering.