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Designing a data management infrastructure to grow a pipeline and support scientific research


Our client generates large data volumes during the research process — volumes which are expected to increase in the future. The legacy data management infrastructure on the client's side had become outdated, and required re-evaluation and upgrades in the AWS environment. The business objective for Quantori was to design a robust and flexible solution to meet the client's future needs.


During the standalone 3-weeklong project, Quantori’s Solution Design Team developed a scientifically and technologically winning solution.

Through regular check-ins, updates, and feedback-gathering sessions, Quantori's iterative problem solving approach ensured that all project stakeholders engaged and aligned with the solution business goals and implementation approach.

With rapid prototyping, the Quantori team evaluated and addressed project risks and validated hypotheses and assumptions, which helped define the Solution Architecture and was instrumental in selecting optimal technologies and integrating strategy with existing platforms (e.g.: CDD Vault).


The client was delivered a data lake solution based on AWS services, that addressed needs including portability, resiliency, integration, and security, and could handle both structured and unstructured data.

The pre-defined MVP scope of work and implementation roadmap reflected the client’s expectations and existing constraints.