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August 23, 2023

4-part Webinar Series from the DCI Network and AMIA

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has enhanced efficiency, accelerated scientific breakthroughs, and improved the quality of human life. AI-powered technologies have made remarkable strides from assisting in medical diagnoses to optimizing energy consumption. Yet, AI's responsible and ethical deployment has become a topic of debate, with concerns about job displacement, transparency, and ethical implications.

Amidst these discussions, we must ask ourselves: What does this mean for humanity? Can we harness the potential of AI while preserving our values and not becoming overshadowed by it? As leaders, how can we inspire a healthy and purposeful engagement with this transformative technology?

The DCI Network and the American Medical Informatics Association are working together to spur the discussion about AI in Healthcare. Quantori’s own Steven Labkoff, MD will be the host for each of these webinars. Starting today, there will be a four-part webinar series about AI in Healthcare from a variety of perspectives, including:

Please click the links above for detailed descriptions and to sign up to participate.

Quantori is pleased to be a supporting sponsor of this webinar series.