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March 8, 2024

Event Recap: “Inspired Inclusion: Women at the Forefront of Global Health Equity”

Our recent “Inspired Inclusion” symposium brought together a dynamic panel of experts who delved into the critical issues surrounding global health equity. We had insightful discussions, led by industry leaders, explored strategies to dismantle barriers faced by women and the transformative power of technology in addressing health disparities.

Key Highlights:

  • Megan Greenfield (Affiliated Leader, McKinsey Health Institute): Explored and debunked prevalent myths surrounding women's health.
  • Rohini Lakshmi Kosoglu (Policy Fellow, Stanford HAI): Delved into strategies for dismantling barriers women face in healthcare and technology.
  • Dr. Allison Werner-Lin (UPenn School of Social Policy and Practice): Discussed innovative approaches in population health science to address disparities.
  • Amy Berk (Director, Microsoft Population Health): Shared expertise on leveraging technology for equitable healthcare solutions.
  • Shari Jardine, MPH, MA (Deputy Director, Center for Global Health, Northwell Health): Highlighted on-the-ground programs providing equitable care.

Watch the recording of the event below and relive the inspiring dialogue: