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October 27, 2021

Examples of Quantori's Artificial Intelligence Work

The pharmaceutical industry is generating high demand for artificial intelligence solutions to accelerate drug discovery and development and improve healthcare delivery while reducing costs.

Quantori boasts deep domain expertise in life sciences, healthcare and data science, with a top-notch team of PhDs in chemistry and biology working alongside the world's foremost clinical/MD and research informatics experts and software developers, making Quantori uniquely positioned to design and deliver its clients innovative AI solutions.

A few examples of Quantori's artificial intelligence work include:

  • A model that analyzes sample images from human colonoscopies and predicts the presence of certain medical conditions. Based on just these images, the system is able to accurately diagnose ill patients and give healthy patients the all-clear.
  • An X-ray and CT scan analysis system that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to diagnose specific health problems. The novel feature detection model Quantori implemented for this system worked so well that it's now in trials to diagnose patients based on MRI data.
  • A system that analyzes video fragments of rat behavior to diagnose a particular neurological disease. This system is able to effectively assess the videos even though some frames contain mirrors, which can be highly confusing to computer vision systems.

If you are working in pharma R&D, a core imaging lab, a biotech start-up, a health system, and would like help with computational drug discovery and/or data analytics platforms and services, please reach out at contact@quantori.com.