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December 2, 2021

Quantori's 3 New COVID Research Publications

Quantori is proud to share three new studies which highlight how data science and AI are uncovering new COVID  — 19 variants and identifying which specific genes are likely to promote viral replication and which are highly prospective targets for treatment and vaccine development.

The lead author on the studies is Tufts/MIT Alumni, Yuriy Gankin, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Quantori.

Dr. Gankin is recognized for his work with the CDC when the pandemic outbreak was first escalating, in tracking COVID  — 19 by developing an agent-based local stochastic model that predicted the spread of the coronavirus.

This predictive geographical model proved helpful in forecasting COVID  — 19 on several levels including the effects of community mitigation efforts.

Quantori's 3 New COVID Research Publications:

  • December 2021: Analysis of 329,942 SARS  — CoV-2 records retrieved from GISAID database…/pii/S0010482521007757

  • November 2021: Investigating the first stage of the COVID  — 19 pandemic in Ukraine using epidemiological and genomic data…/pii/S1567134821003853

  • Preprint: COVID  — 19/Pneumonia Classification Based on Guided Attention