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October 18, 2021

Superior Performance through AWS Partnership

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, Quantori has facilitated numerous, successful IT projects in the life sciences, healthcare, and data sciences by leveraging AWS technologies combined with over 20 years of superior software engineering skills and deep domain expertise in the life sciences and healthcare.

AWS HPC Platform for Molecular Docking

Partnering with a life sciences company, Quantori implemented a breakthrough HPC (High Performance Computing) infrastructure accelerator for macromolecular docking of tertiary and quaternary proteins. This accelerator enabled scientists to work exclusively within their research environments with AWS ParallelCluster, Jupyter Notebooks, compilators, and docking tools such as AutoDock, Smina, and QVina. Currently, the life sciences company operates a platform built on ARM architecture with EC2 Spot Instances to reduce the compute costs and improve the application throughput. Quantori was able to rapidly develop HPC compute environments for this company using AWS ParallelCluster, an open-source cluster management tool. This powerful platform can scale from small runs with a few thousand ligands, up to millions without reconfiguration. Through Quantori’s efforts, the company gained a cost-effective and highly performant system for running docking computations.

Scalable Data Warehouse with AWS S3 and RDS

For a U.S. biotech company, Quantori developed a durable and scalable multi-tiered data warehouse (DWH) using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). The client asked Quantori to assist in simplifying its convoluted multi-source, multi-consumer data pipelines. Quantori developed a solution that provided the client with data consistency and reduced the manual activity among their stakeholders by 45%. Moreover, Quantori brought in a refined plate-compound-matching method to improve the computational efficiency for generating accurate dose-response curves for compounds and determining IC50/EC50. By using AWS, Quantori succeeded in reducing the time to present the required evidence for the Public Product Presentation to less than six months.

AWS HPC Platform for Cell Image Analysis

A U.S. genomics company undertaking cellular structure analysis approached Quantori to shift all of the company’s computations to the cloud because it did not have sufficient resources onsite. The Quantori team introduced its HPC (High-Performance Computing) platform, optimized the client’s applications for AWS hardware, and migrated the on-premise pipelines to AWS. The HPC approach provided support for any type of instances and made the image analysis scalable and more efficient. Quantori made it possible for the scientists to operate without knowledge of AWS or CLI/Web interfaces and enable them to cost-effectively process hundreds of public datasets in real-time, instead of in weeks.

If you have a data management or data analysis challenge, contact the Quantori team to become your trusted informatics partner and implement a cost-effective solution with AWS technologies.