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Interoperability vendors with a unique set of features newly termed Datasynthex vendors
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Shawna Koch MishaelJune 29th, 2023

Many who are responsible for expanding, accuracy, and leveraging data in healthcare often leverage companies known for their interoperability and data integration capabilities (e.g., 1up, Health Gorilla, Verato, One Record, Particle Health et al). There are also QHINs, HIEs, Information exchange organizations and corporations (e.g., MedAllies, Health Gorilla, Epic, Commonwell).

Healthcare organizations in general want to take advantage of the ease of exchange of data first and foremost, be regulatorily compliant according to the newer and expanding interoperability mandates, expand their data sets by taking advantage of the expansive sets of data that are within the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem.
So often companies like the ones listed above are lumped into the category of interoperability vendors or information exchanges. However, a more nuanced and critical capability is emerging in the interoperability vendor space, that performs like switch vendors do in the fintech arena. Some of the interoperability vendors also legally broker the relationship aspects of consent and sharing of clinical, retail, and revenue cycle data upon customer/patient consent.

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About the author
Shawna Koch Mishael
Shawna Koch Mishael
Vice President, Healthcare Business

Shawna Koch Mishael, a nurse and MBA, is a modern cloud-based clinical executive with 20+ years of expertise in solving complex healthcare business challenges and leading interdisciplinary teams to assist healthcare organizations and leaders in analyzing, designing, and implementing process and technology solutions. She is known for her focused, integrated consulting approach, where all efforts are geared towards return on investment and measurable results for her customers. Shawna is also known for solutions that are elegant, practical, and cost-effective as they pertain to the problem at hand and the long-term total cost of ownership.

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