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Databricks/Data Engineering

Accelerating data-driven innovation

Develop data & AI accelerators

for advancing biopharma innovation

Quantori has years of experience with working and managing life science data, and the various formats, traceability issues, relationships, and storage requirements within.

We understand the challenges that RWD/RWE presents, with data quality, sparsity and governance concerns of paramount importance. With the Databricks lakehouse platform, we ensure that data processing is flexible, secure and optimized.

Quantori’s data scientists and ML engineers have extensive experience in data migration to the platform, data management in the platform to support RWE studies.

Quantori understands the unique challenges that life science data presents across all stages of drug discovery
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Quantori + Databricks Service Offerings
As a Databricks Partner, Quantori leverages the power of Databricks to accelerate data-driven innovation for handling enterprise-wide data, analytics, and AI on a multi-cloud platform.
Databricks Consulting Services
Databricks Implementation Services
Data Analytics Services
Data Migration Services
Platform Modernization
AI & ML Deployment
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Why Quantori?
Data Science & Engineering Expertise
Quantori`s team of strong data architects and data scientists can make sense of each data point and put it to good use.
Intelligent Customized Approach
We examine our clients` unique needs, structure and data sources to provide IT solutions that excel and support future growth and discovery.
Life Sciences Expertise
20+ years in the industry: we have an unmatched deep domain knowledge and understanding of our clients` needs, goals and language that others don`t.