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Laboratory Informatics

Applying domain expertise
to technological integration

Better systems create

better results

A roadblock for many of today's pharmaceutical and life science organizations is the friction created by large amounts of data across distributed systems and technologies. Many companies have complex laboratory ecosystems that use a mix of legacy and specialty tools to collect and measure data.

Our team of data scientists and engineers are specialized in understanding clients' data and strategizing a more optimal solution.

We integrate disparate systems for improved analysis and reporting, using our deep domain knowledge to find the best solution for the lab team.

We prioritize seamless integration across the clients' technical ecosystem and ensure that data reporting is clear and easily accessed by scientists, researchers, and staff.

Our work in laboratory informatics
optimizes clients' workflows and allows
for enhanced reporting and results

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The Quantori Benefits

Streamline Operations
Internal operations become streamlined as alignment is found across technical systems

Save Time and Money
Valuable time and money are saved through automation and systems integration

Optimize Workflows
Internal workflows are aligned and optimized for increased speed and success

Higher Quality Results
Experiments achieve higher efficiency, resulting in higher quality results
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Alignment within laboratory informatics brings our clients closer to their patients through improved diagnosis, treatment methods, and drug development.