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Custom Software Engineering

Creating innovative solutions to accelerate
research and improve health outcomes

Reveal insights that accelerate R&D
for life-saving

We combine deep scientific knowledge and software engineering excellence to build custom solutions that provide a competitive advantage and help you innovate groundbreaking products and therapies.

We develop cutting-edge systems and technical applications to improve the drug discovery and development journey. We work with you at each stage of the scientific process to accelerate research, discovery, and distribution.

Quantori Software
Engineering Services
IT Consulting & Strategy
IT Consulting and Strategy services help our customers find what they need using the latest technologies. We offer a variety of different technologies to build a perfect strategic plan and realize it in an optimal manner.
Software Engineering
Quantori has strong expertise in delivering bespoke software solutions. We offer custom software development for the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry, no matter if it is a new application from scratch or part of an existing environment.
Quality Engineering & Testing
Quantori provides independent QA services to give you better control of application quality. We deliver continuous testing and integration to make sure that your application works smoothly and perfectly.
Managed Support
Quantori provides an option to subscribe to the managed support service so the clients could have post-product support. Our specialists are always ready to help you - we offer various managed support options: 24/7 urgent support, ongoing support, and ad-hoc support.
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Why Quantori?

Quantori’s mission is to build custom solutions that give you a competitive advantage and help you bring groundbreaking products and therapies to life.

We make your data more meaningful at every stage of research and development — from bench to bedside.

The Quantori Approach
More effective than off-the-shelf software, our custom-engineered implementations are built
to perform without the high cost.
Cross-Trained Specialists
Our data scientists, analytics experts and cloud specialists are cross-trained to be domain experts in our clients’ fields of work.
Collaboration at the

First, we work to understand our clients’ unique needs, structure
and data sources.

Then we build or provide an IT solution that meets those needs and supports future growth and discovery while integrating legacy tools and technologies.

& Agile
We help our clients build a competitive advantage by combining scientific acumen with custom technology to create robust, agile and innovative solutions that advance drug discovery and enhance every stage of the discovery-to-market life-cycle.
Quantori Core Technologies