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Bio-IT 2023 presentation

Computational Phenotyping and Analytics

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Adroit DI Quantori

Adroit DI’s SDF Pro: The Fast and Affordable Solution to Storing, Sorting and Wrangling 10 Million Molecules in Seconds

Our client Adroit DI has launched SDF Pro, a cloud-based application that offers a cost-effective solution for storing, sorting, and managing 10 million molecules within seconds.

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Quantori Databricks Partnership

Quantori Partners with Databricks to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries

Quantori develops solutions on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, providing real-time insights on Real World Data for researchers and clinicians to improve patient outcomes

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BioTechX Presentation

Efficient Data Management for CryoEM HPC in AWS Cloud

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HPC Poster on BioTechX 2022

Quantori introduces the “Docking Factory’' accelerator for molecular docking. The accelerator enables cost-effective high throughput docking on existing on-prem HPC clusters and/or cloud resources, allowing scientists to focus on the research and advance rapidly.

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BioTechX 2022 Photo

BioTechX Presentation

What Deep Learning Can Do for Novel Diagnostic Techniques to Optimize Patient Care

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Quantori Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Biotech: Interview with Quantori

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A multi-reference poly-conformational method for in silico design, optimization, and repositioning of pharmaceutical compounds illustrated for selected SARS-CoV-2 ligands

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Quantori ACS Publications

Novel Efficient Multistage Lead Optimization Pipeline Experimentally Validated for DYRK1B Selective Inhibitors

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Quantori Flint Capital

Quantori is Building an App Development Platform Focused on Life Sciences

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Quantori AnFiSa

AnFiSA: an Open-Source Computational Platform for the Analysis of Sequencing Data for Rare Genetic Disease

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Quantori merch

PyVaporation: A Python Package for Studying and Modelling Pervaporation Processes

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Quantori Covid-19 and pneumonia research

Automatic Scoring of COVID-19 Severity in X-ray Imaging Based on a Novel Deep Learning Workflow

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HPC Poster on Bio-IT

• HPC is a breakthrough element for biotech and biopharma companies to unfold R&D faster and more productively • Researches can set high expectations and compute vast data rapidly to unlock insights and value

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Night sky with start

Quantori Announces Powerful HPC Accelerator to Advance Biopharma R&D

Quantori's HPC Accelerator brings the power of High Performance Computing to drug discovery and development, bridging the gap between science & IT.

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Bio-IT 2022 Presentation

Bio-IT 2022 Presentation

• Registry Science: Translating Research into Insights to Transform Patient Care • Closing the gap between clinical research and clinical care

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Steven Labkoff Photo

Registry Science Pioneer

• Steven Labkoff, MD, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA, Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, Quantori • Create world’s largest oncology registry for multiple myeloma

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Genome web illustration

Startup Quantori Seeks to Accelerate Multiomic R&D for Pharma, Biotech, Hospitals

Read about Quantori’s new HPC accelerator and genomics expertise including their work for Forome Association & Genomics Platform in GenomeWeb

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Arun Nayar Quantori

Quantori Names Pharma IT Veteran Arun Nayar as Global Head of R&D Informatics

New role strengthens Quantori’s global leadership position in data science & digital IT 30-year R&D IT veteran hails from Vertex, Amgen, AstraZeneca & Lilly

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Registry Science Keynote Article

• Registry Science: where medicine and data science intersect • Translating research into insights to empower clinical care

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Quantori AWS for Health

Quantori Announces Support for AWS for Health Initiative from Amazon Web Services

Quantori has been innovating at the intersection of data and life sciences for decades and boasts multiple AWS certifications and a host of cloud engineering projects and solutions based on AWS platforms for its customers.

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Quantori COVID publications

Quantori's 3 New COVID Research Publications

Quantori is proud to share three new studies which highlight how data science and AI are uncovering new COVID-19 variants and identifying which specific genes are likely to promote viral replication and which are highly prospective targets for treatment and vaccine development.

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Steven Labkoff Quantori

Quantori Appoints Dr. Steven Labkoff as Global Head of Clinical and Healthcare Informatics

Seasoned physician and life sciences executive brings over two decades of data analytics and registry science expertise. Appointment builds on strong executive team as Quantori scales digital IT services globally.

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Solman Rahman Quantori

Quantori Names Senior Business Leader Solman Rahman as Executive Vice President, Europe

Quantori, a leading global provider of end-to-end software engineering, scientific informatics, data sciences and digital transformation services for life science and healthcare companies, today announced the appointment of Solman Rahman to Executive Vice President, Europe to support Quantori’s aggressive growth strategy and strengthen its market position as a premier global services provider.

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Sean Murphy Quantori

Quantori Expands Executive Team, Appoints Sean Murphy as Vice President, Client Services

Quantori today announced the appointment of Sean Murphy as Vice President of Client Services, effective immediately.

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