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Yuriy Gankin
Chief Scientific Officer

Yuriy Gankin, Ph.D., is a business leader, serial entrepreneur, life sciences researcher, inventor, and mentor who has over two decades of expertise in helping life science technology, scientific publishing, biotech, and global pharmaceutical companies to improve informatics solutions to accelerate the discovery and development of novel drug therapies.

At Quantori, Yuriy leads the company’s efforts to provide domain expertise in life sciences and healthcare and directs the company’s initiatives to develop domain-specific proprietary and open-source platforms and solutions.

Previously, Yuriy was a Chief Life Sciences Officer and Vice President of the Life Sciences Business Unit at EPAM, following the acquisition of GGA Software Services by EPAM. As GGA co-founder, Yuriy helped build the company into a leading provider of scientific software engineering, algorithm development, and data curation services for the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Earlier in his career, Yuriy co-founded SciVision, a leading developer of informatics solutions for life science technology and pharmaceutical companies. SciVision developed multiple innovative molecular modeling and de-novo design applications. It was acquired by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1997.

Yuriy also co-founded Felicitex, an innovative pharma company developing a platform targeting cancer resistance, metastasis, and relapse, in 2015. Yuriy provides his scientific and business expertise as a board director of Felicitex Therapeutics.

Yuriy’s research has been published in multiple peer-reviewed papers and holds several patents for analytical chemistry and targeted cancer therapy. Yuriy holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Tufts University and an EMBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.