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Quantori's end-to-end digital solutions harness the power of emerging technologies, cloud engineering, and DevOps to transform life science and healthcare organizations. We make the right data more meaningful at every stage of research and development — from bench to bedside.
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«Working with Quantori’s software engineering team gives us access to expertise, methods and accelerators to push the boundaries of biopharmaceutical possibilities and create insights that move our entire organization forward.»
Leo Barella
SVP, Chief Technology Officer,
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Digital-First Solutions for
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Quantori's next-generation R&D IT makes us the digital solutions partner of choice in the Life Science and Healthcare industries.


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as unique as your

Our custom-made systems make the right data more meaningful through data engineering, machine learning, predictive modeling, digital transformation and cloud expertise.

From custom app development to emerging technologies, Quantori is the end-to-end solution to support your unique science.

News & Events

Explainable AI for Medical Image Analysis

Explainable AI for Medical Image Analysis, a Case Study

Despite recent progress in the development of Machine Learning models, their application in clinical practice remains limited. Several barriers to entry exist, with the lack of transparency in a model's decision-making process being critical. This article reviews a recent study where explainability was a core component of Machine Learning methodology applied to medical image analysis.

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Earth Day Quantori

Earth Day — Planting Apricot Trees in Armenia

Quantorians came together to plant apricot trees in Yerevan, paying homage to Armenian culture, which reveres the apricot tree as a national symbol

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Streamlining AlphaFold for Access and Computational Optimization

Streamlining AlphaFold: Quantori's Solution for Intuitive Access and Computational Optimization

How can users access AlphaFold-like models and seamlessly predict protein structures without the necessity of advanced coding skills? This article explores the Quantori solution that makes this possible.

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Bio-IT World 2024 Quantori Presentation

AI in Drug Discovery Presentation at the Bio-IT World

Steve Labkoff, MD, Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, will present “Unveiling the Multimodal Frontier: AI-driven Hypothesis Generation in Drug Discovery.”

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Quantori Drug Discovery

Revolutionizing Drug Discovery with Multimodal Data and AI: A Deep Dive into Use Cases

In the rapidly evolving landscape of drug discovery, the fusion of multimodal data with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies is setting the stage for groundbreaking advancements. This synergy is not only expediting traditional processes but also paving the way for innovative approaches to complex, man-power intensive challenges. Here, we delve into four transformative use cases, illustrating the power of this integration in revolutionizing drug discovery.

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ML poster presentation at the Bio-IT World

ML Poster Presentation at the Bio-IT World

Yuriy will talk about the QFlow framework that provides a structured approach to managing ML projects, enabling teams to collaborate more efficiently, improve code quality, and automate various tasks.

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Approaches to Multi-Omics Data Integration

Multi-omics analysis is expected to significantly impact biomedical research, leading to a new era of personalized medicine with improved diagnostic and treatment options for patients. This perspective comes from the fact that biological processes, like disease progression, involve complex interactions of biomolecules across various omic layers.

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pulmonary edema

Explainable AI to identify radiographic features of pulmonary edema

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Quantori at the Bio-IT World 2024

Quantori is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the 23rd annual Bio-IT World Conference & Expo!

Bio-IT World Conference is the world’s premier event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine.

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Quantori AWS Innovate

Join AWS Innovate on March 14 with us

AWS Innovate is a free online conference designed to inspire and educate

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International Women's Day Panel on health equity

Event Recap: “Inspired Inclusion: Women at the Forefront of Global Health Equity”

Watch the recording of the event below and relive the inspiring dialogue.

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Happy International Women's Day!

Today, we celebrate the strength, resilience, and brilliance of all the incredible women who make a difference in our lives and beyond. Your achievements inspire us every day!

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For more than 20 years, Quantori has worked closely with partners to cultivate and nurture a pipeline of top-tier talent that includes world-class data scientists, analysts and cloud specialists.

With more than 400+ solution-focused data scientists, engineers and thought leaders at the ready, Quantori is right sized to help you bring a digital-first mindset to a patient-focused marketplace.

No one else offers the same depth of scientific expertise, leading tech skills and quality of engineering as Quantori.


Real World Solutions in Action

“Quantori was able to supplement our software delivery teams at very short notice with excellent talent that quickly generated results in the most challenging areas. I am very pleased with their performance and efficiency.”

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Hakan Elmali for Quantori
Hakan Elmali

"Quantori's software development team went above and beyond to ensure our mobile applications were developed with the utmost standards of quality while staying both on timeline and on budget. The engineers at Quantori understood the specifications, challenges...

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Noah Hill
Co-founder and CTO
Lura Health

"Quantori produced an industry-leading deliverable for us on a very short timeline. Their efficiency and commitment to quality are unmatched in my experience.”

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Jeffrey Carter for Quantori
Jeffrey Carter
Co-Founder and COO
Arxspan, Bruker Corp

"I am incredibly impressed with the development services provided by Quantori. Their dedication to creating a user-friendly interface and experience is truly commendable. Their commitment to development operations ensures their work is reliable and functional...

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Richard Lingard Adroit DI CEO
Richard Lingard
Chief Executive Officer
Adroit DI

“Third Rock Ventures (TRV) conceives, builds, and launches biotechnology companies that discover and develop products that make a difference for patients and their families. Each company has a core mission of improving lives...

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Aaron Arvey for Quantori
Aaron Arvey
Director, Machine Learning
Orca, Third Rock Ventures

“We approached Quantori to help us handle our big data problem of generating terabytes of CryoEM data every month. Our need was a computing infrastructure with expandable high speed storage capable of distilling our CryoEM datasets into high-resolution protein structures...

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Bharat Reddy photo
Bharat Reddy
Senior Scientist
Rectify Pharmaceuticals