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Quantori's end-to-end digital solutions harness the power of emerging technologies, cloud engineering, and DevOps to transform life science and healthcare organizations. We make the right data more meaningful at every stage of research and development — from bench to bedside.
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«Working with Quantori’s software engineering team gives us access to expertise, methods and accelerators to push the boundaries of biopharmaceutical possibilities and create insights that move our entire organization forward.»
Leo Barella
SVP, Chief Technology Officer,
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Digital-First Solutions for
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Quantori's next-generation R&D IT makes us the digital solutions partner of choice in the Life Science and Healthcare industries.


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as unique as your

Our custom-made systems make the right data more meaningful through data engineering, machine learning, predictive modeling, digital transformation and cloud expertise.

From custom app development to emerging technologies, Quantori is the end-to-end solution to support your unique science.

News & Events

Pre-trained language models can transform Life Sciences and Healthcare industries

How pre-trained language models can transform Life Sciences

Language models, pre-trained on both natural languages and molecular languages (DNA and proteins), are transforming the Life Sciences.

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Quantori white paper

Beyond Words: The Expanding Role of Language Models in Biology

By Omar Kantidze, Quantori Principal Scientist​

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AWS re:Invent 2024

Join AWS re:Invent on November 27 with us

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community.

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Raising awareness of Movember

Movember is an annual initiative that urges men to grow mustaches and beards all month long to raise awareness of men's health concerns.

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Quantori Blog

Welcome to Quantori Blog

Quantori is delighted to announce its new corporate blog!

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International Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Raising awareness of secondary breast cancer

Shawna Koch Mishael, Global Head of Healthcare at Quantori, shares her vision on the trends in cancer diagnostics and treatment.

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Quantori at AWS Innovate Every Application Edition

Join AWS Innovate on October 19 with us

The conference is dedicated to exploring cutting-edge ways to enhance security and reliability, optimize performance within budget constraints, accelerate application development, and revolutionize your applications with Generative AI.

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Arun Nayar at BioTechX Basel

Quantori Presentation at BioTechX

Join us on October 4th at 12:45 PM CET at BioTechX when Arun Nayar, Quantori Global Head, R&D Informatics, will talk on "Building data and technology foundation to unlock innovation" in the Data Management, Storage, and Architecture track.

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Machine Learning Quantori

Perfect prosthetic heart valve: generative design with machine learning, modeling, and optimization

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Shawna Koch Mishael Forbes Council Quantori

Forbes Tech Council Article

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AI in Healthcare webinar series by Quantori, DCI Network, and AMIA

4-part Webinar Series from the DCI Network and AMIA

The DCI Network and the American Medical Informatics Association are working together to spur the discussion about AI in Healthcare

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Quantori at the Lab of the Future Europe 2023

Quantori at the LOTF Europe

We are proud to exhibit at the Lab of the Future Europe Congress at the Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam on September 26th and 27th 2023

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Quantori in AI in action Alldus podcast

Alldus podcast

The Alldus Podcast released an episode on AI in Life Sciences, featuring Steve Labkoff, MD, Global Head of Healthcare and Clinical Informatics

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Quantori virtually attending Data + AI

Quantori at the Generation AI Data+AI Summit

Save the date June 28, 2023 and join the premier event for the global data community to learn about LLMs, lakehouse and all the latest innovations in data and AI

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Quantori global map

Quantori on the global map

Twenty-two. This is the number of countries that are tagged on the Quantori map.

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Quantori team at Bio-IT World

Quantori team participated in the 22nd Bio-IT World Conference and Expo

We were excited to meet and reconnect with partners, clients, and other industry leaders at Bio-IT World

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Quantori at DIA

Get Quantori discount to attend the DIA 2023

Don’t miss the premier Annual Meeting for Life Sciences Professionals in Boston

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Adroit DI Quantori

Adroit DI’s SDF Pro: The Fast and Affordable Solution to Storing, Sorting and Wrangling 10 Million Molecules in Seconds

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Excess mortality in Ukraine during the course of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020–2021

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Steve Labkoff, Quantori at Bio-IT World 2023

Quantori Presentation at Bio-IT Conference and Expo

Dr. Labkoff will discuss challenges in sensitivity specificity in cohort generation and the downstream challenges that this brings to drawing conclusions from RWE data sets

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Mikhail Serkov at Bio-IT World Poster Session

Bio-IT World HPC Poster Presentation

Don’t miss Quantori HPC poster session presented by Mikhail Serkov, Quantori Senior Director, HPC Services, at the 22nd Bio-IT World Conference and Expo this year.

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Quantori at Bio-IT World Boston 2023

Quantori is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the 22nd Annual Bio-IT World Conference

Bio-IT World is the world’s premier event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine.

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Quantori at FAST Boston Reception

Quantori Sponsored the recent Advance Armenia Boston Reception

Quantori was delighted to sponsor the recent Advance Armenia Boston Reception in support of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) held at the Museum of Science in Boston.

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AWS Innovate Data and AI/ML edition conference

Quantori at the AWS Innovate Data and AI/ML Edition Conference

You can explore 40+ technical and non-technical sessions and 7 tracks

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Quantori at Lab of The Future Boston

Quantori is proud to be an exhibitor at Lab of the Future USA

Join us in March for the Lab of the Future Congress in Boston, right at the intersection of innovation, technology and collaboration!

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Medical Data Quantori

Use of semi-synthetic data for catheter segmentation improvement

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Quantori AWS 50 Certifications

Quantori Achieves Milestone Distinction for 50 AWS Certifications

We are thrilled to announce our AWS Cloud Engineering Team’s achievement of 50 Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications

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Quantori Databricks Partnership

Quantori Partners with Databricks to Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industries

Quantori develops solutions on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, providing real-time insights on Real World Data for researchers and clinicians to improve patient outcomes

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Steve Labkoff Quantori DCI

Data Flow in the Healthcare Ecosystem — Lecture Recording

Steven Labkoff, MD, Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, represented Quantori by speaking at the DCI Network’s Webinar Series on Real World Data.

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Quantori Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Biotech: Interview with Quantori

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Abstract purple art

A multi-reference poly-conformational method for in silico design, optimization, and repositioning of pharmaceutical compounds illustrated for selected SARS-CoV-2 ligands

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Quantori at BioTechX 2022 HPC

Quantori Efficient Data Management at BioTechX Congress 2022

Watch Quantori’s Senior Director, HPC Services Mikhail Serkov present “Efficient data management for CryoEM HPC processing in AWS Cloud” on November 9 at 12:05 PM CET.

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Quantori participates in BioTechX

Quantori Image Analysis Speaker at BioTechX Congress 2022

Don’t miss November 8th at 2:50 PM CET at BioTechX when Alex Proutski, ML Team Lead Quantori, will present "What Deep Learning can do for Novel Diagnostic Techniques to Optimize Patient Care."

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Quantori ACS Publications

Novel Efficient Multistage Lead Optimization Pipeline Experimentally Validated for DYRK1B Selective Inhibitors

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Quantori Flint Capital

Quantori is Building an App Development Platform Focused on Life Sciences

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Quantori Lab of the Future Europe

Find us at the Lab of the Future Europe Congress

Quantori is Thrilled to Be an Exhibitor at the Lab of the Future Europe Congress in Amsterdam on 4-5 October 2022

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Quantori Open Source

Quantori Projects: FastqHeat

Quantori Projects: FastqHeat — Download Metagenomic Data from SRA or ENA Databases

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AWS Innovate Conference

This Month Quantori Will Be Virtually Attending the AWS Innovate Conference

The AWS Innovate conference is for IT leaders, developers, and builders curious about AWS

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Quantori BiotechX

Quantori is Proud to be a Silver Sponsor at BioTechX Congress in Basel

Save the Day November 8-10, 2022 and join us in Basel!

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Quantori merch

PyVaporation: A Python Package for Studying and Modelling Pervaporation Processes

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Quantori AnFiSa

AnFiSA: an Open-Source Computational Platform for the Analysis of Sequencing Data for Rare Genetic Disease

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Quantori Covid-19 and pneumonia research

Automatic Scoring of COVID-19 Severity in X-ray Imaging Based on a Novel Deep Learning Workflow

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AWS Advanced Partnership - Quantori

Quantori is now AWS Advanced Services Partner!

We are excited to announce that we’ve achieved the next level of AWS partnership.

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Genome web illustration

Startup Quantori Seeks to Accelerate Multiomic R&D for Pharma, Biotech, Hospitals

Read about Quantori’s new HPC accelerator and genomics expertise including their work for Forome Association & Genomics Platform in GenomeWeb

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Night sky with start

Quantori Announces Powerful HPC Accelerator to Advance Biopharma R&D

Quantori's HPC Accelerator brings the power of High Performance Computing to drug discovery and development, bridging the gap between science & IT.

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Steven Labkoff Photo

Registry Science Pioneer

• Steven Labkoff, MD, FACP, FACMI, FAMIA, Global Head, Clinical and Healthcare Informatics, Quantori • Create world’s largest oncology registry for multiple myeloma

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Quantori website

Welcome to the brand new Quantori website

Welcome to the brand new Quantori website

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Quantori Lab of the Future Congress 2022

Join us next week in Boston for the Lab of the Future Congress!

Quantori is a proud sponsor of Lab of the Future USA, where you will hear about the latest trends in laboratory automation, digitalization, connectivity and innovation.

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Quantori Bio-IT World 2022

Quantori is an Official Gold Sponsor of the 20th Anniversary Bio-IT World Conference & Exposition

Save the Day May 3-5, 2022 and Join us in Boston!

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Arun Nayar Quantori

Quantori Names Pharma IT Veteran Arun Nayar as Global Head of R&D Informatics

New role strengthens Quantori’s global leadership position in data science & digital IT 30-year R&D IT veteran hails from Vertex, Amgen, AstraZeneca & Lilly

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Medicine masks

Indirect supervision applied to COVID-19 and pneumonia classification

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Registry Science Keynote Article

• Registry Science: where medicine and data science intersect • Translating research into insights to empower clinical care

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Quantori AWS for Health

Quantori Announces Support for AWS for Health Initiative from Amazon Web Services

Quantori has been innovating at the intersection of data and life sciences for decades and boasts multiple AWS certifications and a host of cloud engineering projects and solutions based on AWS platforms for its customers.

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Quantori COVID publications

Quantori's 3 New COVID Research Publications

Quantori is proud to share three new studies which highlight how data science and AI are uncovering new COVID-19 variants and identifying which specific genes are likely to promote viral replication and which are highly prospective targets for treatment and vaccine development.

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Quantori AI

Examples of Quantori's Artificial Intelligence Work

Quantori boasts deep domain expertise in life sciences, healthcare and data science, with a top-notch team of PhDs in chemistry and biology working alongside the world's foremost clinical/MD and research informatics experts and software developers, making Quantori uniquely positioned to design and deliver its clients innovative AI solutions.

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Steven Labkoff Quantori

Quantori Appoints Dr. Steven Labkoff as Global Head of Clinical and Healthcare Informatics

Seasoned physician and life sciences executive brings over two decades of data analytics and registry science expertise. Appointment builds on strong executive team as Quantori scales digital IT services globally.

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Quantori AWS Expertise

Superior Performance through AWS Partnership

As an AWS Select Consulting Partner, Quantori has facilitated numerous, successful IT projects in the life sciences, healthcare, and data sciences by leveraging AWS technologies combined with over 20 years of superior software engineering skills and deep domain expertise in the life sciences and healthcare.

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Quantori Microsoft Competencies

New Microsoft Competencies

We are delighted to announce that Quantori has gained two New Microsoft Competencies — Silver Application Integration and Silver Datacenter!

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Solman Rahman Quantori

Quantori Names Senior Business Leader Solman Rahman as Executive Vice President, Europe

Quantori, a leading global provider of end-to-end software engineering, scientific informatics, data sciences and digital transformation services for life science and healthcare companies, today announced the appointment of Solman Rahman to Executive Vice President, Europe to support Quantori’s aggressive growth strategy and strengthen its market position as a premier global services provider.

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Quantori Takeda

Global IT Thought Leadership Series: Takeda

Our first Thought Leader we are excited to highlight in this series is Leo Barella, VP, Chief Technology Officer at Takeda, who is leveraging data and digital to improve efficiency and profitability across the entire value chain to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Investigating the first stage of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine using epidemiological and genomic data

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Quantori Forome

Quantori Is a Member Partner of The Forome Association

Quantori worked with the Forome Association on case workflow and pipeline management to accelerate discovery of novel genes via advanced analytics and bioinformatics, optimized for Mendelian disease gene discovery.

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Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 Records

Analysis of 329,942 SARS-CoV-2 Records Retrieved from GISAID Database

Quantori is excited to share research findings that are available on Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's bioRxiv preprint server for biology "Analysis of 329,942 SARS-CoV-2 records retrieved from GISAID database"

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Sean Murphy Quantori

Quantori Expands Executive Team, Appoints Sean Murphy as Vice President, Client Services

Quantori today announced the appointment of Sean Murphy as Vice President of Client Services, effective immediately.

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Quantori Life Sciences

About One of Quantori Life Science Projects

Many of Quantori’s projects involve interesting and challenging tasks in the area of cutting-edge life sciences and healthcare technologies.

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local stochastic model of COVID-19 transmission

Development of an interactive, agent-based local stochastic model of COVID-19 transmission and evaluation of mitigation strategies illustrated for the state of Massachusetts, USA

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Pneumonia X-RAY

COVID-19/Pneumonia Classification Based on Guided Attention

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RWD and RWE Part 2: Challenges and Solutions

RWD and RWE Part 2: Challenges and Solutions

We have described RWD and RWD in our previous blog. There is strong promise and increasing use of Real World Evidence to accelerate data-driven decisions, improving not only the clinical trial experience, but healthcare in general. But, can we believe Real World Evidence?

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Real World Data and Real World Evidence Part 1: Overview

Real World Data and Real World Evidence Part 1: Overview

Real World Data and Real World Evidence (RWD/RWE) is a hot topic in Pharma in the context of clinical trials.

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Quantori Academy Illustration


For more than 20 years, Quantori has worked closely with partners to cultivate and nurture a pipeline of top-tier talent that includes world-class data scientists, analysts and cloud specialists.

With more than 400+ solution-focused data scientists, engineers and thought leaders at the ready, Quantori is right sized to help you bring a digital-first mindset to a patient-focused marketplace.

No one else offers the same depth of scientific expertise, leading tech skills and quality of engineering as Quantori.


Real World Solutions in Action

“Quantori was able to supplement our software delivery teams at very short notice with excellent talent that quickly generated results in the most challenging areas. I am very pleased with their performance and efficiency.”

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Hakan Elmali for Quantori
Hakan Elmali

"Quantori's software development team went above and beyond to ensure our mobile applications were developed with the utmost standards of quality while staying both on timeline and on budget. The engineers at Quantori understood the specifications, challenges...

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Testimonial image
Noah Hill
Co-founder and CTO
Lura Health

"Quantori produced an industry-leading deliverable for us on a very short timeline. Their efficiency and commitment to quality are unmatched in my experience.”

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Jeffrey Carter for Quantori
Jeffrey Carter
Co-Founder and COO
Arxspan, Bruker Corp

"I am incredibly impressed with the development services provided by Quantori. Their dedication to creating a user-friendly interface and experience is truly commendable. Their commitment to development operations ensures their work is reliable and functional...

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Richard Lingard Adroit DI CEO
Richard Lingard
Chief Executive Officer
Adroit DI

“Third Rock Ventures (TRV) conceives, builds, and launches biotechnology companies that discover and develop products that make a difference for patients and their families. Each company has a core mission of improving lives...

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Aaron Arvey for Quantori
Aaron Arvey
Director, Machine Learning
Orca, Third Rock Ventures

“We approached Quantori to help us handle our big data problem of generating terabytes of CryoEM data every month. Our need was a computing infrastructure with expandable high speed storage capable of distilling our CryoEM datasets into high-resolution protein structures...

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Bharat Reddy photo
Bharat Reddy
Senior Scientist
Rectify Pharmaceuticals